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Donald Chan

Head of Asia,

Donald focused on business development in Asia over the past 10 years. He co-founded BondIT Asia, the first in the market to provide fixed income algo-advisory solution. He manages the company’s strategic engagements with clients, business partners, and investors in key wealth and asset management markets across Asia Pacific.

Prior to BondIT, Donald launched Freightos’ online freight network and marketplace in Asia and saw the team grew from 25 to over 100 staffs. Donald began his career in Singapore Economic Development Board as Senior Officer, Semiconductor Group. He was then appointed Centre Director, overseeing businesses from emerging technology hubs and emerging Southeast Asian markets.

Donald graduated Summa Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He holds a degree in Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) from Princeton University.

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BondIT is a data-driven algo-advisory solution that increases bond sales and facilitates client interactions for fixed income investment managers and advisors. This is achieved via sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools backed by proprietary machine learning algorithms. BondIT’s value for wealth management are:

  • Increase revenue – by empowering advisors with data-driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations leading to increased trade flow and revenues
  • Increase client acquisition and retention
    • rapidly demonstrate ability to optimize a portfolio
    • transform the client-experience; by providing bespoke compliant portfolios backed by analytics
  • Enhance portfolio management efficiency – by enabling construction, reallocation and re-balance of bond portfolios in seconds
  • Ensure fiduciary compliance by placing the clients’ requirements at the center of the process
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