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Ir. Dr K F TSANG, PhD (Wales, Cardiff, UK), CEng, FHKIE, SMIEEE, MIET

Associate Professor,
Department of Electronic Engineering,
City University of Hong Kong

Dr K F Tsang joined City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in 1988 and is now an Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. KF has been enjoying his teaching, research and services at CityU. Besides, KF has been working closely with the industry on numerous Internet of Things (IoT) development. His former work included the design and development of a 3G data decoder, strongly encrypted wireless links for utilities, a portable GSM cellular phone, mobile phone infrastructure, wireless home/office automation system, security system, pager, two-way radios including FRS and PMR, the investigation of electromagnetic interference, etc. He has been working actively on RFID (ZigBee), LTE as well as WiMax development. Applications include ZigBee Telehealth systems, ZigBee energy management systems, WiMax CPE, security system, LTE amplifiers, building automation, … etc. In particular, KF has a strong passion on ZigBee development. He has devoted significant effort into the development of ZigBee. He gave tutorial on “ZigBee” (3 hours) for ICCE Conference (IEEE CE Society) in Las Vegas USA in 2008, “Smart Mobility” (2 hours) for ICCE-C 2015 (IEEE CE Society) in April 2014 in Shenzhen PRC, “ZigBee Smart Metering” (4 hours) for IECON 2014 (IEEE IE Society) in November 2014 at Dallas USA, “ZigBee Healthcare” (2 hours) for INDIN 2015 (IEEE IE Society) at Cambridge, UK, and (2 hours), and “IoT Healthcare” for IECON 2015 (IEEE IE Society) in November at Yokohama Japan in 2015. He also carried out successfully big projects using ZigBee. These included 16,000 ZigBee radios in a hotel, ZigBee-based RFID arrival/departure system for Light Rail system in Hong Kong (>170 platforms, installed in all light rails), the first ever high traffics ZigBee Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) trial in Hong Kong (with publications in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics). To consolidate his contribution in IoT development, KF published a book: “ZigBee: From Design to Practice and Applications” (Prentice Hall). KF is also publishing a new book on Smart City.

KF has published about 200 technical paper (100 journal papers and 100 conference papers) and four books/chapters. He has been actively engaged in professional activities including the Interviewer for CEng IET (2002 till date), the Chairman of IET Electronics Section 2003-5, The Chairman of IEEE Consumer Electronics Hong Kong Chapter 2008 and 2016/17, the Chairman of Chinese Institute of Electronics Hong Kong 2006-2010, the Chairman of the “Internet of Things Special Users Group Hong Kong” (2015-date), the Chairman of HKIE Electronics Division (2015-16), the Chairman of Technical Committee “Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications” of the IEEE Industrial Electronics (IE) Society (2015-2016). To help promotion of IoT activities and offer expert advice and recommendation to the Hong Kong government, KF has been made the Founding member of the Smart City Consortium (SCC) as well as the Chairman of “Internet of Things” Committee.

Dr. Tsang is a Fellow of the HKIE, Senior Member of the IEEE, Chartered Engineer and member of IET, an Associate Editor and Guest Editor of the IEEE Transaction of Industrial Informatics, an Associate Editor of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, an Associate Editor of the IEEE ITeN, and an Editor of the KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems.

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