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Jason W. Best

Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Jason is a San Francisco-based technology entrepreneur who thought there should be a better way for startups and SMEs to raise money. He co-authored the crowdfund-investing framework used in the JOBS Act to legalize securities-based crowdfunding in the US. He and his business partner led the 460-day campaign to change 80-year-old securities laws in the US. He provided US Congressional testimony twice, and attended the White House, Rose Garden ceremony for President Obama to sign The JOBS Act into law.  His firm has worked in over 40 countries to 1) create balanced Fintech regulation with governments 2) advise Fintech companies creating the new private capital markets 3) invest in tech companies building that Fintech infrastructure. CCA is a Partner of the US State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Program and Jason is an Entrepreneur in Residence at UC Berkeley. He co-authored the World Bank’s research “Crowdfunding’s Potential in the Developing World”. Jason is also a Venture Partner with Vectr Ventures, investing in Fintech in Asia, The Americas and Europe. He has spoken at The White House, TEDx, South by Southwest, Aspen Institute, Ministry of Economy in Chile, Brookings Institute, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and appeared on CNBC, BBC, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, WSJ, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, VentureBeat and TechCrunch. He was named the 2017 Crowdfunding Person of the Year.

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