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Joe Lee, co-founder of Kuaidi Dache, was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Kuaidi ONE under Kuaidi Dache. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Klover InsurTech. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr. Lee graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada with Bachelor of Mathematics. After graduation, he worked in one of the Big Four Accounting Firms and became a certified public accountant in 1999. In 2008 he founded gaming portal and started to develop and publish internet games in Mainland China. In 2013 he founded Bumblebee Taxi which merged with Kuaidi Dache and became the Kuaidi Group. Mr. Lee joined the merged company and led its overall finance and development strategy. In 2013 he started the chauffeured car business in China and the taxi business in Greater China, including Kuaidi Taxi in Hong Kong. In 2015 Kuaidi Dache merged with Didi Dache and formed Didi-Kuaidi. In 2016, Mr. Lee started a new business – Klover InsurTech, which develops insurance products and channels through big data and block chain technology in China. The company raised USD 15M Series A from Banyan Capital and Matrix Partners China in Janurary 2016.

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Kuaidi Dache was launched in Hangzhou in May 2012. In April 2013, Kuaidi Dache raised USD 10M from Alibaba and Matrix Partners in Series A. In August of the same year Kuaidi Dache supported Alipay online payment and in September launched in Hong Kong as the first taxi hailing app from the Mainland. Kuaidi Dache acquired Bumblebee Taxi in November 2013. As of 10 January 2014 Kuaidi Dache recorded an average of 1.28M orders per day in Mainland, hitting the single day record high of 1.62M orders, in which transactions by Alipay had once recorded 600,000 orders in one day. On 15 January 2015 Kuaidi Dache raised funding of USD 600M led by Softbank, co-invested by Alibaba and Tiger Global. On 14 February 2015, Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache announced their strategic merger and formed Didi-Kuaidi, and eventually became a brand under Didi Chuxing, which has a valuation of over USD 35 Billion.

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