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Daniel Tu

Group Chief Innovation Officer,
Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd.

Daniel joined Ping An Group in April, 2013. Ping An is an integrated financial services group in China with core business in insurance, banking, and investments. Ping An is also China’s largest non-SOE. As Group Chief Innovation Officer, Daniel is responsible for initiating and creating internal innovation projects with its 28 subsidiary companies and collaborates closely with PA Technology. He and his team are also responsible for forging strategic partnerships and identifying new business opportunities for PA companies including the newly-created online business entities. Daniel also oversees PA Ventures for overseas investments.

Daniel has nearly 30 years of experience including sales and marketing, PR, media, business development, and related executive leadership positions mostly in Asia and specifically, in the Greater China market. His focus in the last 10 years has been investing in technology and innovation areas. He previously served on the Board of Taiwan National Lottery, and Advisory Boards of Visa Products Group, Asia, and He currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Innovation Outreach Program (IOP).

Daniel is a member of Ping An Group’s Executive Committee and its Standing Committee.

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Ping An strives to be a world-leading retail financial services provider. The number of individual core financial customers has reached 119 million with 619.99bn RMB total revenue gained.

China’s first integrated financial services group with insurance as its core business

No. 1 insurance company of the world by market value; ranked No. 79 in Brand Finance Global 500 and No. 1 insurance brand.

Ranked No. 41 in “Fortune Global 500”, No. 8 in “Fortune China 500” and No. 1 among China’s non-state-owned enterprises.

*Numbers above are from PA Group 2015 Annual Report.

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